the first post


I’m getting a similar feeling I do when I’m looking at a blank canvas. It’s so hard making that first mark! But here it is, the first post.

The world of blogging has been a fascination of mine for quite sometime, so this is my attempt to be apart of it. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I’d spent so much time planning “my blog” that I began getting lost in this haze of over-analyzation [I don’t think that’s a word]. But then I was on one of my most very favourite blogs and came across this very fantastic article that basically said stop planning and start doing. Here’s me doing it! I have a vague idea of where this blog will go, but nothing’s set in stone and that’s kind of great!  I do know one thing, if you like food, cats or red wine then you’re definitely in the right place.

Do you blog? Any advice for a new blogger like myself? 

One thought on “the first post

  1. Hi my name is Beth nice to meet you. I like food, wine and hate cats… But I have a feeling I’m in the right place anyway and am tots gonna dig this blog ;] loving it so far! Keep posting, I’m listening xD

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