Why I’m leaving our little island

Inverness Beach, Nova Scotia

How could anyone ever want to leave a place this beautiful? A place where the horizon magically disappears between the sky and ocean. A place that is home to ceilidhs, delicious seafood and a giant fiddle to boot. A place where everyone knows everyone through someone and the people are so friendly it’d make you sick (not really though).

While all those thing are very enticing, sometimes you just gotta go. Most blame it on the lack of employment in this post-industrial area. While that’s definitely something I’ve considered – the reasons for me are different.

As an endearingly awkward individual, comfort is something that’s important to me. I take comfort in the small island I’ve grown up. The roots here are deep – my family stretches for generations in Sydney and surrounding areas. While friends leave, they almost always come back. The walk I take daily around my neighbourhood changes only with the seasons. The pub I visit almost weekly varies only between the 5 – 7$ cover charges and the local bands that play there.

I would love nothing more to stay comfortable in these surroundings for the rest of my life. But how can one grow when their horizons, while they appear endless, are in some ways so narrow? That’s not to say that those who stay forever & ever have not grown or changed or are not happy, but simply to say that I don’t think I could. I’ve seen even in just the last year that stepping outside my comfort and challenging myself has enabled me to grow as person and develop skills I’d never thought possible.

That’s why I’m going. To challenge myself. Can I do it? Will I be happy? One thing I know is that the biggest regret I’d ever have would certainly be not going at all.

And at the end of the day, I know I’ll always be back (sooner than later). It is the home of my heart after all!

Have you ever made a big move or massive change in your life? How did it go?

7 thoughts on “Why I’m leaving our little island

  1. How mature, you’re all grown up and spreading your wings Grace! Your mom and dad gave you roots and wings, so live life to the fullest and come back to your roots! Love you, all the best, you will be awesome! Anna Mae

  2. Moving to Calgary was the best thing I ever did. I loved the city, had great experiences, had horrible expierences, good times, and bad times but it all made me grow as a person and understand varieties of people! I met awesome friends from all over the world and ended up finding my Husband and having a child! Haha so Calgary pretty much turned my life around! I Wish you great adventures and am looking forward to reading about them ! Go grace 🙂 xoxo

  3. Awwwww I’m gonna miss you best friend!! Now I know how you felt before I left for Ireland last year. Well, all I gotta say is that no worries, cause whenever you get home sick remember we can always go back to our red wine skype dates n it’ll be just like we’re at home! 😉 Hehe! You go girl, go show Calgary what you’re made of! Ps: here’s a suitable little quote I carry around in my wallet: “When strong winds come blowing,bend with them and let go. By bending you will become stronger in new places. By letting go you will be making room for the new.”

  4. I found your entry based on Cape Breton because I like Rita MacNeil and other artists from Nova Scotia. I know exactly how you feel. I wanted to see something new, different and exciting, so last summer, one year ago, I moved from suburban Buffalo to New York City! It was like visiting another planet. I thought I’d give it a full year, but after 7 months I moved back “home.” NYC was a great place to visit, but hard to live there. Still, I am glad I did something few others I know would do, so I encourage you to always try new things and see how they go!

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