Cross Country Trek – Leg 1

So according to Google Maps, in the next 3 weeks we’re going to be travelling a total of 5736 km. That’s a lot of KMs. Luckily we won’t be driving more than 8 / 9 hours a day – considering we’ve only driven 14 in the last two days and I’ve already used up 95% of my usage data on my phone. Ruh Oh.

So far we’ve trucked er through the Atlantic provinces and made it to the black star – Quebec City.


Highlights of the trip thus far:

-Purchasing some “Red Neck wine glasses” before we even made it past the causeway.

-Drinking rum out of said wine glasses that evening.

-Touristy photos at the giant lobster.

-Supper and Sangria at  Cafe L’Innocent in Riviere-Du-Loup. Super neat place. Cool artwork, worn furnishing which gave the space tons of character. Lovez it.

-Staying in a super cheap motel just outside Quebec City that smells just like the cabins I used to stay at in Inverness Beach Village on labour day weekend! The dated decor is similar as well.. But it has a free breakfast and super friendly, helpful staff. So much so that we’re staying another night!

Heading to Montreal tomorrow, know any must sees? 

One thought on “Cross Country Trek – Leg 1

  1. Love the reference to Inverness! good memories and good times. So…Sydney has the big Fiddle, Shediac has the big lobster….what about Quebec City? Keep the blogging coming….love it!!!! (and you <3)

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