Cross Country Trek – Leg 2

Made it to Montreal. Got some relaxing in, ate some good food and drank good drinks. The night life is quite happening as I’m sure you’d imagine! We hit up a fun hole in the wall bar that may have been a little dingy but was equipped with pumpin’ tunes, video games, foosball, table hockey AND a photo booth. Neat!

Exploring the night life Saturday made for a questionable day of walking around in the hot sun on Sunday. Checked out the Museum of Fine Arts though, which was super interesting and wonderfully air conditioned.

To finish it off, here are a few things Montreal has taught me:

-Before gobbling down and insanely lavish breakfast buffet at your hotel – make sure it’s continental.

-While headed to the hostel you’ve booked don’t navigate your driver to the first place you find on Google Maps that starts with “Auberge”. That is in fact the French word for hostel, not the actual name.

-If the concierge at your hotel directs you to a Thai restaurant that’s “not the best, but yes you can bring your own wine”, dine at your own risk.

**On another note, can you believe that you can bring your own wine to restaurants around here? And they don’t even charge you to open it! If you ever get the chance to do this, be extra classy about it and buy the wine at the gas station before heading the restaurant. You won’t regret it.

-Don’t get a cab. Not even if the cabby is dressed in a fancy suit. It does not mean he won’t swerve in and out of traffic at insane speeds and yell at other cabs while flipping them the bird. (Try some public transit instead! It’s way cheaper and more fun.)

-Talk slowly and concisely at restaurants – I imagine this would go for visiting any place of a different language. Because at a very darling Indian restaurant you might think you ordered a combination plate (salad, rice, naan, etc) that includes butter chicken  but instead end up with a just big bowl of butter chicken.

And if any of these things do happen, make sure to laugh it off. C’est la vie!

Have you visited Montreal? What were the highlights? 

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