Cross Country Trek – Ontario

Hello Ottawa and Toronto!

I had one goal in mind for Ottawa: touristy photos on Parliament Hill (which I thought was going to be located in a field in the middle of nowhere, not in the down town area – go figure). When I first caught a glimpse of them I like… got emotional. Which I thought was hilariously odd. But I suppose having seen photos of these buildings my entire life it was kind of amazing to actually see them in person. It also looks like a giant castle, so yeah.

Also, did you know that Stephen Harper does not live in the Parliament Buildings? Yeah, like I totally knew that too – I was just throwing it out there.

Overall, I was so pleasantly surprised at Ottawa’s all around beauty. The Rideau Canal? Amazing. There was also lots of cool street art on the go.

Next stop was Toronto. We went to a concert, got to spend some time with family and friends, hit up the AGO for some Picasso action, explored Kensington Market, and did a little thrift shopping.

We went to see My Morning Jacket on Echo Beach (which is a staged area outside the Molson Ampitheatre that has been covered with sand – neat beach, lawl). The show was pretty sick but I also learned that outdoor concerts outside of NS will not provide you with $4 rummies and ham sandwiches for a toonie.  The $15 750ml can of beer seemed like the most cost / drunk efficient way to go. We also ate some insanely delicious gyros from The Blue Donkey Streatery. Mmmm.

The Picasso exhibit at the AGO was super cool.The Kensington Market provided me with the very awesome items pictured above (neither of which I purchased, but photographed because I appreciated them so) as well as some cheap tacos and margaritas! Overall it was a super good and relaxing visit.

What do you love about Ontario?

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