Cross Country Trek – Chicago

Can you believe we’ve been gone for an entire month??? Me neither. Here’s a brief update of our very fantastic visit in Chicago. Ah such an amazing city!!

So instead of stopping in Detroit as anticipated, we opted for the lovely and less dangerous city of Windsor to crash before going over the border. After briefly reading about roaming charges over some Timmy breakfast sandwiches and hiding some deer antlers in the trunk of the car, we made our way over US the border. Unfortunately the five hour drive we took through Michigan and into Illinois was not terribly scenic. Lupins? Rolling hills? No and no. Industrial sites? Yes. Rust? Lots.

But know what has been one of the most awesome things about travelling west? Gaining hours! After we gained one of those we checked ourselves into the Days Inn Chicago. For future reference, one should remember that your debit card is not going to work in another country and it would probably be a good idea to have some currency ready before actually go to the new country. We’ll remember this for next time.

The whole visit consisted pretty much of sight seeing, eating good food and enjoying the general awesomeness that is Chicago.

If you’re ever in Chicago you might want to:

Head over to your nearest Walgreens and pick up a 3 day metro pass. $14 for unlimited bus / subway rides for 72 hours. Not too shabby.

Grab a $5 bottle of wine while your at the Walgreens.

Go to DMK burger bar (as seen on my most favourite Food Network show Diners Drive Ins and Dives). The food is pretty frigging amazing, the service is awesome and the drinks weren’t bad either.

If you’re looking for something free of charges to occupy yourself – you could check out the Lincoln Park Zoo. There’s lots of silly animals and a fantastic few of the Chicago skyline from one of the bridges.

Bring along a wine water bottle for your afternoon zoo adventure. Just don’t try to drink out of it and walk at the same time or you might end up with a giant purple stain on your off white shirt (luckily the picture above was taken before that fiasco).

Get some Chicago style deep dish pizza. We got ours at Pequod’s and it was insanely delicious. And cheap. A 7″ pizza (which is more than enough for one) and a beer for 4.95? Is that even legal??

Make your way down town – perhaps even to the Art Institute. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit (which completely blew my mind). And if Roy isn’t there, no worries because there is a ton of other really amazing stuff to see there.


After you’re done at the Art Institute, take a short walk over to the Cloud Gate. And from there head up to the giant untitled Picasso sculpture!

What was your favourite Chicago attraction?

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