The West

Yanno what? It ain’t half bad.

Mountains? Privately owned liquor stores opened until 2 am? Vast green spaces throughout the city? Incredibly warm autumns? Check, check, check and check.

I had this perception that Alberta was not a pretty place. I pictured prairies, farms, flat lands, etc. But low and behold – it’s absolutely stunning. I mean – if there’s trees around, it’s hard not to be pretty in the fall. BUT Calgary and the surrounding areas I’ve visited thus far have been exceptionally lovely. Not as many red leaves falling to the ground like back in sweet CB, but instead these intense golds and oranges. And I imagine it’s because it’s so incredibly dry out here – but the leaves are SO crunchy. WHO DOESN’T LIKE STEPPING ON CRUNCHY LEAVES? This girl sure does.

Here’s a brief update of my whereabouts the last month. Thus far in Calgary, I’ve been able to:

go to the top of a mountain

secure a full time grown up job

indoor rock climb (tears and sweat may have been shed, but it’s all part of the fun. Right?)

do yoga for the first time (it’s so hard but so awesome!)

navigate the very bussiness-y down town Calgary via city transit

drink 11% beer

survive pugs

eat street food that wasn’t a chip wagon / mountain fries

get wine water bottle tipsy with my bestie along the Bow River

drink coffee in a coffee shop by myself (a number of times!)

Now the next thing on the list: Find a place to live. Asking kindly that everyone cross their fingers so that we find a place for Oct 1.

What do you love about the west? 

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