Fancy Font Signage

Back in the summer I was recruited by my fam-jam to make a little sign to post outside our family land in Big Pond. Wood + acrylic paint were to be my weapons of choice. Unfortunately I have a terribly hard time lettering. I have one style of lettering that I’d mastered in the last few years – but it definitely didn’t suit this venture. And it’s not all that great in general.

Fortunately I came across this very fantastic pin on pinterest.

This tutorial guides us through a process of typing out your chosen text on your computer, printing it out and then using a pen to trace the text out on a piece of wood. The pen leaves no mark – just an indent for you to follow. So that’s what I did! I had to make some adjustments throughout the tutorial though considering I don’t own a printer (and somehow break every one that I do own).

So if you’re like me and don’t have a printer, check out There are literally 1001 free fonts there. Once you find your font of choice there is an area where you can test it out. Take this opportunity to type the word you’re looking to paint (for me it was Country Cousins). You can then save this image, and open it using the image program of your choice and adjust the size to your liking!

Then you’ll have to tape a piece of paper to your screen and trace it. You wouldn’t believe how often you’ll find a piece of paper taped to my screen. It’s silly.  Once you’re done tracing it off your screen – then you must trace it on your wood. Like the tutorial above states, using a pen to trace your letters on to the wood leaves just enough of an indent for you to cleverly paint letters of perfection.

I know it’s a lot of tracing, but easier than having to go off and pay to get it printed. And also a little more customizable in some ways.

My finished product is in no way as neat as the lady I’d linked to, but I was super pleased with how it came out.

Do you have any font painting secrets? 

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