Grown Up Observations


Seeing as I am no longer attending school, currently living on my own and am over the age of 18 – I would now officially consider myself an adult. I’m surprised no one has thrown me a debut party… Anyway, I’ve made a few very deep observations upon my entry into adulthood.

Having little money.

As long as you have enough for food, bills, living etc – you should be ok right? But what about my wine? See it’s a bit of a vicious cycle – having an uncomfortable amount of money makes me tense. Red wine relieves my tension. Purchasing red wine on a regular basis leaves me with less money. What’s a girl to do?

Where does Wifi come from?

It’s always just there. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes it requires you to purchase a coffee or enter a password. But from where does this invisible, immensely huge part of my world come? God? Invisible (or microscopic) angels hovering over my head riding bicycles so to produce energy with which to provide me with endless google searches and pinterest browsing? Does God charge high rates to provide such a service in my soon to be home?

Working for a living.

There is 168 hours in one week. 35 of those are spent at work. Approximately 56 are spent sleeping. So currently I am spending 20% of my week working and 30% sleeping. How productive am I really being with the other 50%? How do I find a balance between working, sleeping and enjoying life?

Being productive.

It is in this case that I really miss being in school. Finishing a paper is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Putting sufficient study hours in for a test or exam? Awesome. That satisfied feeling completely squashes the dread of doing said task in the first place. What now? Exercise? Write for fun? Paint, maybe? The feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself might trump the feeling of knowing you have something you need to do.

Got any adult advice for this girl, not yet a woman? 

One thought on “Grown Up Observations

  1. As always, it is a joy to read your writing! Lots of things to think about, but what an exciting time for you to be at this point in your life! Being in school, preparing for tests and finishing papers, your time was not your own. Now you have the time and whatever your choose to do with it… will be the right decision………the sky is the limit!! I hope writing and art will play a huge part….you were born to create whether it is with words or paints!!! ❤

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