The Drizzly Coast


This past spring I had the opportunity to conduct some research regarding media arts representations of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (the very lovely little region I grew up). This research required much reading and database perusing, but it also included watching some movies set in the CBRM.

Fellow Capers – did you know that there is some intensely engaging cinema set in our precious land? Please check out Marion Bridge, Margaret’s Museum and New Waterford Girl.

These movies are great. And it’s fun viewing familiar scenery on the big screen. However – I was rather disturbed at the over all representation of our island. It appeared incredibly cold, grey and rainy. I simply brushed this off as a misrepresentation. It doesn’t rain all the time in Cape Breton. Sometimes, but not all the time.

Then I moved to Alberta. I reached the one month mark in Calgary just the other day, and you know how many times it has rained? Twice. Once for about 5 minutes and then the other for about the span of the evening. And you know the realization I have made? Yes, it does rain quite a bit in Cape Breton. But also – I miss it.

There is something so incredibly comforting about the rain. The way it smells on the concrete. The way it sounds when you’re laying in bed all cozied up in your blankies. It’s so cozy. I also consider it an excuse to stay in all day and do lazy things like watch movies and draw.

And I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not living in the desert or anything. But I certainly no longer take the rain for granted.

How do you feel about natures tears? 

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