Frosty Fall

I’ve been told many times since settling in this area that Calgary’s weather can be very up and down. Yes it will be -15 and snowing but then three days later this mysterious wind called a Chinook will blow in and melt all the snow and bring the temperature up significantly.

Ok Chinook, this girl is ready for you.

This snow and freezing temperatures before Halloween is just too cray cray. I’m too confused. I’m getting this warm fuzzy feeling inside me because of the snow that lines the windows and streets – it’s so bright and sparkly, inside my head bells are jingling. Yes, because it feels like Christmas. But, it’s October. Hence the confusion.

I am doing my embrace these chilly conditions. While I don’t have a good winter jacket as of yet – I have a lot of cozy sweaters. I have a few fantastic scarves, a pair of “they’ll do for now” gloves and a very hip yet refuses to really stay on my head floppy hat. And I love wearing all of these items! So much so that I have even taken up knitting so I can have more toasty accessories.

I have made several coasters, half a dish rag and am in the process of creating a wool headband AND scarf. I’ll keep you updated. PS: Do you like by hive-like yellow candle holder? It was a dollar at a garage sale ; ).

Any thoughts on crazy Alberta weather?

2 thoughts on “Frosty Fall

  1. i am glad you are having the snow an not us.hope it warms up for halloween.i hear you might join the will be hopping there on nov 11.i am enjoying your blog.

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