Challenging your self vs Simply not being interested.

You’d think drawing this line wouldn’t be terribly difficult – but for some people (like me) I think it is.

Sometimes opportunities present themselves and they might be scary (like moving across the country). But you weigh out your options – and while it may be a lot easier to keep your life the way it is, the idea of taking a chance excites you. The excitement out weighs the risk.

Other opportunities come up that could be kind of cool, but they might just not be for you. In this case you ask yourself are they not for you because you’re just not putting yourself out there enough? Could this just be another way to challenge yourself?

So I guess my question is – is it ok not to challenge myself in certain areas that just don’t particularly interest me?

Sometimes an opportunity may come up that is scary as I’d mentioned above but it does not excite a single bone in my body. It just sounds risky. It just sounds like something I’d do to please those around me.

It’s easy to stay home and be comfortable all the time but you need to give yourself room to grow, room that is often found outside your comfort zone. At the same time I think you need to stay true to yourself.

If everyone was jumping of a bridge would you jump too?

; )

2 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. I think the challenge has to fit the person. I know this guy who went parachuting….it didn’t surprise me but I never once thought that it would be something I would attempt. People have said how exciting it must have been but for me the terror of the act was all I could think about.

    For some, a challenge could be the simple act of lifting their head to say hi to someone on the street. The ability to leave one’s home can be a challenge for some. I know this girl who was as homebody as one could be that picked up and moved across the country….did I think she would do it ? Absolutely! Sometimes , it is the place we are in our lives that present us with these challenges and it is up to us to accept or decline the challenge.

    Bungie jumping or parasailing has no interest for me because I was never a person who liked heights. The Austrian that leaped from space absolutely mind boggled me. When asked what his thoughts were, he replied that he just didn’t want to die in front of his family…oh really ? I would believe the operative word was “die’ period. I guess too, my age has something to do with my decisions on challenges. I have learned that if you are a thrill junkie that you do not qualify for life insurance….so I will limit my challenges to those of the brain and retention of knowledge for said brain….and my only worry will be getting a paper cut….hopefully my insurance will cover me!!

    Just blogging and putting your thoughts and ideas out there for all to see is a challenge many would not attempt!! Keep on writing!!!

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