Life as of late

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What have I been up to lately? Oh, you know, the usual things any 24 year old girl tends to on a daily basis. Knitting, hot yoga-ing, reminiscing about the beach.  Alberta is quite pretty in the winter – ‘dem mountains are right nice. It almost forgives the fact that there was snow on the ground from October until last week.

Gambling and risk taking has been flowing through my blood lately. Last week I sat and ate in a restaurant ALONE – twice. However, I’m not sure how sustainable a habit that will be as it is a little expensive.

I also quit my job last week and we decided to move home. And when I say quit my job, I really mean gave a four week notice – duh. It’s kind of accelerating. But, actually not really at all. I’ve realized I’m a fear-er of change. As home sick as I’ve been – now that the ball is rolling, I’m kinda like, well I don’t wanna go. I’ve found comfort in the daily routines I’ve developed here. Packing, moving, finding a job in an area where opportunities are limited – not so appealing in a lot of ways.

But I’ll stick to what I’ve been saying to everyone at work, it feels like the right decision for right now.

And I know it is. Once I know exactly what I’m going back to, I know I’ll be excited. I’m also very ready for the trip back. It won’t be as much of a vacation as the last journey across the county, but it’ll still be a vacation. And I need one of those bad.

Would you like to hire me to be your personal knitter / wine tester / twitter-er? Please do not hesitate to contact me. I also write really good emails.

Any packing / moving advice? 

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