Spring Knitting

yarn 1

yarn 3

yarn 2

After spending the fall & winter knitting cozy hats, mittens and scarves (not to mention a number of unsuccessful cowls – I just can’t get them the right length!), it’s time for some spring knitting.

I’ll still make cozy things, but I’d like to make some season appropriate items, too. How about some spring colored dishcloths??! YES.

Grandma’s favourite dishcloth to be exact.

I remember when I first starting knitting, the garter stitch was the first stitch I figured out – mostly by accident. And once I learned to purl and rib + etc, I thought, gah, garter stitch – so blah. Now I love it. Those little ridges rock my world. Once I get all the lose ends of my current project tied up (pun completely intended) – a garter stitched striped blanket shall be my next feet.

My goal is that by the time I make at least one dishcloth of each color, I’ll finally make a square dishcloth. This is the only knitting project in my sweet 6  months of knitting that I’ve experienced some intense tension issues. Wish me luck!

What are some other spring time appropriate knitted items I can tackle? (Mind you I loath any knitted garments that are not ‘cozy’ – ie: knitted tank tops. I’m very particular.)

Happy Spring!

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