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How lovely are these nautically themed pins? When we’d left for Calgary, I had been given a $50 HomeSense gift card from one of my very best friends to help decorate our soon to be apartment. Upon receiving notification that we were going to be able to move into our dream apartment, we swiftly headed to the nearest HomeSense to get the ball rolling. We were at the cash register ready to shell out $40 on a fantastic faux driftwood wreath, when it was realized that this precious gift card should probably be used on like, useful things. Like dish cloths. The wreath was reluctantly put back on the shelf and we went on to purchase some handy salt & papper grinders + an olive oil wooden spoon and spatula. Still pretty practical.

What’s meant to be will be, though. Considering at the moment we have a big pile of real drift wood just begging to be constructed into that fantastic wreath.

Since being in the west, I’ve made the observation that where you are living can absolutely have an effect on your home decor. Back on the east coast, homes are often littered with some type of drift wood, bowls of sea shells and large beach rocks. Anchors and navy stripes are totz way typical – but have value none the less.

Without even really meaning to, I brought some of that east-coast feeling with me to Alberta – with our big bowl of collected sea glass and my little drift wood light house painting.



There are no seashells or sea glass in Alberta – but there are mountains. I have noticed some homes out here have a very Mountain-y feel to them… Like when you picture staying in a mountainous log cabin – the rustic wood furniture, open stone walls and paintings of aboriginal wolves and stuff. That is what I mean by mountain-y! Rustic log cabins in the mountains? What’s not to love!

It’s neat that we can communicate where we are and / or from by the way in which we decorate our home.

What does your home decor say about you?

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