Actually about Me

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I’m Grace and I’m 24.

I have a passion for food (mostly eating, sometimes cooking).

I enjoy bad TV, cats, avocados, beach treasures and beards (not on me, but on men).

The color purple suits my fancy quite well, as well as deep teals and mustard yellow.

I have a soft spot for sad robots and misunderstood reality TV show characters.

It is a fact that red wine washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. (I stole that line from Picasso)

I feel a lot of feels. It’s overwhelming sometimes!


Upon graduating university and moving to a place where I only had one friend + my boyfriend, I was challenged in figuring out what I really like to do. I always thought I had hobbies – but watching bad TV  all night does not a hobby make.

So I taught myself how to knit and crochet (via YouTube). I dabble in paper crafts of the scrap booking & card making nature. I have also been slowly and surely teaching myself how to use my sewing machine.

I also started practicing yoga recently, which I would argue has made me a better person. I still watch really bad TV – some good TV, but mostly bad. So bad that I do it in secret (ie: The Real Housewives of Vancouver – eee secrets out!).

While I’m living in the west currently, I am in the process of moving back to the third best island in the world according to Travel & Leisure Magazine – Cape Breton Island (try to hear me saying that in a Scottish Gaelic Accent). Cape Breton is a very wonderful beach swept island tucked on the east coast of Canada, joined to the province of Nova Scotia by one little bridge.

Now you can join me in the journey of trying to figure out what to do with my life. I think it’s just part of my generation to make very dramatic statements like that, and also to blog about it.

Should you like to get in touch with me, please throw me an email at grace[dot]macneil0[at]gmail[dot]com.

What’s your story? 


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